Durango Photographers 1881 - 1912

Contributed by Kathy Gibson, May 2011
This research was done and compiled by Kathy Gibson. She would like to thank Joyce Lawrence for the information about Mrs. Mary Richardson. The extraction below is only a portion of the project. To view the entire document, click on the following link.









Balster, Frank S

Brumfield, Michael

Boston, Jacob Adam 

Corey, Anson S

Gonner, Frank

Hurd, Louis C.

Leeka, William Lincoln

Pennington, William

Richardson, Mrs. Mary (Stadter)

Roberts, WIlliam Henry

Rowland, Wesley R

Smith, Louis

Updike, Lisle Chandler

Wilder, Edwin Asa

Jackson, William Henry

Nordenskiold, Gustaf

Hanna, Robert Oliver 
Arrival in Durango

In Durango bef 1890 #5


In Durango by 1884 #2

In Durango by 1888 #3

In Durango by 1886 #4

In Durango by 1892 #8

In Durango by 1891 #7

 In Durango by 1907 #9

​in Durango by 1900 #10

in Durango by 1888 #3

in Durango by 1920 #11

in Durango by 1890 #6

in Durango by 1907 #12

in Durango by 1881 #1

at Fort Lewis abt 1881-1882 #1
 Birth date & location

Feb 1861 Canada

Apr 1855, OH

Sep 1847, NC

1840, London, Madison Co. OH

May 3, 1860 Luxembourg

1857, OH

1859 OH

Abt 1875, KY

​26 Apr 1873, IA

27 Jul 1835, Madison Co., OH

abt 1886, WI

Aug 1856, IL

25 May 1890, PA

Jul 1849, OH

May 1844 PA
 Family Members

m. 1886   Wife Annie, children: Nina, Helen, Dorothea

m. 1895   Wife Ida, sons Carl and Roy

m. 1875   Wife Clara Isabelle Morton, children: Helen, Walter

Did not marry

m. 1891   Wife Hattie Estelle Roberts, children: Henry Paul and Dorothea Constance

m. 1882   Wife Clara, daughter Flo

m. 1897   Wife Mary Gibson, son Hugh; Wife Ada, son James

m. 1886   Wife Rosa, children: Lucia, Catalina, Marion (son), Loretta, Thelma, James

​m. Charlie H. Richardson 1897, divorced by 1900 census, daughter Louise b 1898 in Colorado, m. George Hider 1907

Wife Susan Jane Avery Eddins, daughters Hattie Estelle & Minnie Pearl, step-daughters Regina Ella Eddins Faris (Dgo) and Frankie Elizabeth Eddins Smith (Clinton,MO)

Wife Fatha?, son Everett W.

m. 1888   Wife Annie, children: Edna, Louis, Pearl, Florence, Frank

Wife Ganett, son Paul J.; Wife Ethel

m. 1883   Wife Barbara, children: Lilly,b Dgo 1883, Asa Verne b 1896 OH

m. 1868 wife Mary Etta Tidwell, children: Robert Bruce, Effie Lillian, Bert, John, Nona (Leonora)(these last two children born in CO)
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